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Experience providing the best STEM programs for kids in NYC

Our new VIRTUAL lessons are designed to use your child’s interests to guide them through learning advanced STEM skills and cutting-edge technology right from your home.

Take a break from taking care of your kids and let us provide some fun, interactive, and super cool technology-based lessons!

Our approach:
We've taken our wide range of topics and condensed them into flexible virtual lessons to fit every child's passion! Each lesson is custom tailored to focus on the things your child loves, move at the speed your child is comfortable with, and provide just the right balance of entertainment and education!

Let's design your perfect virtual lesson!
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Game Developer
Power up your Game Dev career using professional game development software and learn the design pipeline and start developing your dream game!
YouTube Producer
Subscribe to start your influencer career as a video producer and learn how to film videos, gain followers and build a brand!
Toy Design
Design your own toys such as Beyblades or Action Figures by learning good design principles such as conceptualizing, modeling, joints, tolerances, coolness and printing practices.
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Robotics & Engineering
Gain real-world skills and electronics with robotics, design, scripting, code libraries, and engineering to build your own robot!
Roblox Dev Studio
Use your enthusiasm for Roblox as a catalyst to jumpstart your Game design and coding career by learning the ins & outs of Roblox studio!
Raspberry Pi
Become a programmer and learn scripts, python and take advantage of code libraries by using the #1 mini computer processor, the award-winning Rasberry Pi. (kits available for purchase)
Minecraft Mastery
Learn all about circuitry and programming logic using Redstone, Command Blocks, and advanced gaming tips to become a Minecraft pro using STEM.
LEGO Master Builders
Everyone has LEGO at home and it is the #1 toy in the world, one of the best creative outlet for kids and adults alike. Now build like the masters by learning advanced techniques, tricks, design software and use your own LEGO Bricks!
Electronics & Arduino
Learn the power of practical IRL applications for programming with electronics, code libraries, open-source and scripting with the most popular microcontroller, the Arduino!
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Comic Book Design
Storytelling basics, storyboarding and then sketching. Required materials are a pencil, paper, and a black marker. Colored pencils optional
Advanced Electronics (12+)
TBLet's go beyond basic circuits of LEDs and buttons! What are capacitors and what the heck are they for? Why are transistors so important? Have you ever wondered how a circuit board is made? We'll work together to design some that can even be sent to a factory to print! Experience with basic electronics is necessary and soldering skills a huge plus for do-at-home challenges. Ages 12+
Advanced CAD and Engineering (12+)
Dive deep into advanced engineering techniques and modeling using professional industry software. We'll collaborate in real-time through web-based CAD software to make cool stuff! Ages 12+
Builder & engineer
Friend to robot-kind
Likes monsters & candy
Loves taking things apart
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Hobby toy designer
Lego enthusiast
Competitive BeyBlader
Favorite sushi roll is spicy tuna
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Mike Rios
Minecraft player since '11
Loves to edit funny videos
Has pet Rock named Henrietta
Can almost do a back flip
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Mike Fish
Loves electronics
Designs circuitboards
Made this site in a single day
Worked at Nickelodeon
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