Pixel Parents Testimonials

For the last 9 years, Pixel Academy has been educating kids about advanced technology topics, leading them to discover and create their own exciting projects. We are honored and proud to demonstrate a few testimonials from our parents that will provide insight into our community!

Check out Pixel Academy on Atlantic Avenue! They have remote and in-person options for Minecraft, Roblox, and the like. My son did the Beyblade Camp they had this summer for a week and loved it!

Whitney W.
"The programs are great and the staff is kind, tuned in to the kids, and genuinely into the programs. My child had an interest in gaming and coding, but they helped him develop his interests in ways that surprised me: in a I can't believe you made this kind of way."

John E
"Pixel Academy offers terrific classes and workshops with enthusiastic staff members.  We also had a great experience with our son's birthday party there.  They are friendly, professional, and they always make sure the kids get plenty of attention, learn a lot, and have fun."

Martha F.
"Both of my boys rank Pixel Academy as their most favorite afterschool activity ever. The place combines fun with a serious and systemic approach to teaching the children the fundamentals of coding and solving logic problems. Most importantly, the birthday party we had there (the minecraft experience) was AMAZING.

Between two boys, I have planned and executed a combined total of 14 birthday parties, and not one was more effortless, smooth, fun, engaging, and memorable. I swear I could have dropped my son off and returned in two hours and things would have gone off just as smoothly. The staff is friendly, accommodating, professional, loving, relatable and great. The facility is superb. Strongly recommend it!"

Margarit O.
Small Classes (5 kids per classroom) made me feel comfortable about being in doors. Entertaining, patient and knowledgeable counselors. It was a very good experience, my kid came home happy every day!

Jessica R.
My son went for a week to YouTube camp. He was so excited for it, and it did not disappoint. He had a specific skill he wanted to learn and the teachers made sure to adjust their plan to teach him.  What a cool option for modern digital kids!"

Lauren W-B.
"Pixel is like a second home. All the staff are awesome and you can tell that they all have a very special gift with technology and for kids.

They understand my son and how to work with him without having to give them the 411. By the way they actually help them with their homework.

Not only do I feel safe leaving my child in their care but blessed to have my child attend.

What the kids are learning there most people learn in HS or College. I can go on and on!!!!! Love this place."

Emily L.