Deck Design:
for teens 13 - 15
Tuesday afternoons
in Brooklyn

This limited time track gives you a chance to design and build your own tricked-out skateboard deck! Starting from a blank deck, you will use woodworking, laser cutting, and electronics to create your own skateboard deck that features fiber optic lights, motion sensors, a digital display, and custom wheels! PLUS, you’ll get time to practice skating at nearby skate ramps and parks!

Become a Summer C.I.T.
for teens 14 - 17

Our awesome Camp Pixel C.I.T. program is back for 2020 to fill the gap for teens that are interested in the types of things we do but have aged out of our camps. As a C.I.T. you can expect to spend at least half of your day in a kids camp group, helping out and working with the younger campers, and part of your day with your C.I.T. group doing fun stuff and working on your own projects. That might be engineering or coding or just chilling with some video games when you need a break.

1. You must be at least 14 years old by the first day of camp.
2.  Priority is given to teens that can commit to at least 4 weeks.
3. If you're accepted, there is a $100/week fee to cover expenses.
4. Lunch is not included but you are free to leave for lunch.

Join the SEAL TEAM
for teens 14 - 16

Our five-month long SEAL program gives you an opportunity to work side-by-side with our staff on an epic project of their choosing. Over the course of the Student Experts and Leaders program, SEALs will develop skills in new technology, planning, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership through project work and training.

SEALs who present completed projects and superior leadership skills are awarded a certificate of completion, and may be eligible to advance to an internship position at the Pixel Academy.

SEAL applications for Fall 2020 will re-open Summer 2020.

Note there is a $95/mo fee to cover the costs of the dedicated instructor time.

Become an Intern
for teens 15 - 18

Interns at the Pixel Academy typically work one day per week and are assigned to a specific instructor for most of their afternoon. We run our intern program like an apprenticeship, giving you the ability to learn new skills while assisting in classes and participating in staff events. That said, this is a job and you can expect new tasks and responsibilities as needs change. All interns are paid the Youth Training Wage as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Intern applications for Fall 2020 will re-open Summer 2020.