Super Saturday Showdowns

Battle to be the Best in our two courses!


In Gauntlet, participants will have to complete our Pixel Course. Race through killer mobs, show off your parkour and get to the finish line in the fastest possible time! Tackle our special custom map dedicated to races and learn about the code used to create it. If you're feeling brave enough, take on our legendary Chicken Challenge!

Battle at the Colosseum

In Battle at the Colosseum, participants will be able to model and code their own unique weapon for use inside the Pixel Colosseum! You'll have to use your wits and all your Minecraft skill to survive and win a three round match! Winner moves on to battle other champions in our tournament style competition!


3D Modeling

Learn how to make your own custom item with 3D Modeling! Every participant will have the chance to create their own custom weapon before they compete in the Colosseum!

Quick and Easy Coding

Creating custom items in Minecraft is simple with coding! Participants will learn all about the code used to create their arena weapons and how they can edit the code to create their own unique flair!

Pixel Art

All of our participants will create their own custom avatar before the main events begin! Personalize your character and use them as you fight for glory!

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