Pixel Academy VIRTUAL

What will you make?TM

STEM and technology programming for kids and teens!

For the last 8 years, Pixel Academy has been teaching kids advanced technology topics through exciting creative projects. Kids love to explore and test new limits as they grow, and we guide them on that journey by letting them tinker with complex ideas using themes that they’re comfortable with and passionate about (like video games!). We are constantly innovating new projects and incorporating new technology so our programs always feel relevant and exciting. We believe in preparing kids, not for the jobs of tomorrow, but the jobs of the next decade!

Our Education Philosophy

We teach kids and teens to interact creatively with digital technology. Our curriculum is inspired by project-based learning and inquiry-based instruction strategies. We’ve worked to create a safe space where kids can feel free to be themselves and encourage their imaginations to inspire endless creativity. Although the Pixel Academy doesn’t feel anything like school, members are constantly learning and reinforcing fundamental academic skills.

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