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COVID-Safe Precautions

Physical Distancing


Additional Steps

Outside Activities

A Reminder to Parents

Please read carefully as Pixel Academy will be operating differently this school year due to the current COVID-19 guidelines set by New York State and the CDC! 

We hope you are as excited as we are for an awesome start of the school year! There are just a few things we want to update you on before your first day no matter when you start.  

What to Bring 

Every member should bring a refillable water bottle as we want to limit interactions with plastic cups at the water fountain. Members can refill their bottles as needed throughout the day.

 If your child is coming in for a Pixel PAD Day, Please ensure that your child has lunch with them, as we do not allow for deliveries. 

You do not need to bring a computer or other electronics for your visit! We have everything covered. Please try to keep additional items at home to prevent accidents. 

You can bring headphones if your child enjoys listening to music. We will have individually wrapped headphones for use.  

Morning Drop-Off (PAD Day) 

When you arrive for drop-off, please make sure that both you and your child are wearing a mask and are distancing themselves from any others waiting to enter.

All members upon arrival will receive a temperature check from our On-Site Medical Technician and may be questioned about any presence of symptoms.  

Unlike previous years, parents will NOT be permitted to enter the building, even if they are wearing a mask due to State Law/COVID mandates

NOTE: Any member or staff with a fever, other symptoms, or other situations that are in violation of state regulations will not be permitted to enter.        

Pick Up Your child can be picked up at 11:30AM (PAD Half Day) or 2:30 PM (PAD Full Day) or if upon request in the morning they can self dismiss, we would need prior authorization. There is no Extended Care offered, as we will be opening at 2:30 PM for After-School Programming. 

For After-School programs, your child can be picked up between 5:30 PM and 6PM at the latest. We close sharply at 6PM as we will need to have our cleaners come in for sterilization daily. 

Please arrive at the front desk, located outside of the entrance on pacific street.

All members will be lined up on the sidewalk for quick pick-up after you sign them out, depending on the weather otherwise they will remain inside. For the safety of all other parents and members please wear a mask during pick-up. If you can’t make it within the allotted time, please contact us as soon as possible. Due to the limited amount of space available, we will not be able to accommodate them into our after-school program as space is extremely limited due to COVID restrictions. 

Pixel Academy will close exactly at 6:00 PM daily for deep cleaning/disinfecting so all members must be picked up on time.  Important new policies and procedures for COVID-19 per NY State Law Parents are not allowed at any time inside the campus.

We must maintain a strict sanitized location at all times.

Members who’ve recently traveled within the last 14 days, from any of the Restricted States listed, BY LAW are required to self-quarantine for 14 days. If anyone is coming in from out of state they should let us know ASAP and we’ll try to reschedule your reservation as best as possible.

Members MUST bring in their own water bottles, they can be refilled at Pixel when needed.