Video Game Hackers

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Learn how to reverse engineer any video game and hack the code

Campers who play online games have surely encountered cheaters - people who hacked the game to give them an unfair advantage. Maybe they have infinite health, or they can see through walls, or they can automatically target opponents. This camp will explain how hackers are able to do that by diving DEEP into how video games run behind the scenes. Using a combination of Windows and Linux, they'll reverse-engineer video games by decompiling them into the Assembly code that communicates directly with the computer's hardware. Campers will search through memory addresses in real-time, decoding hexadecimal values, and learn to write their own Python code to inject into the game (a.k.a hack it)! Of course, hacking a modern game is cheating and can cause you to be banned from online play, so we're only going to work with older, offline video games. NOTE: All are welcome, however this is a fairly advanced camp. There isn't a lot of coding, but previous exposure to programming is recommended.

AGES:   11 to 13
LENGTH:   2 weeks
CATEGORY:   Computer Technology
SCREEN TIME:   On-screen
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The technology experience:

  • Reverse-engineering video games
  • Understanding computer memory
  • Using hexadecimal numbers
  • Python scripting
  • Types of video game hacks
  • Low ratio class PixelPromise™

plus take home...

  • CAMP/pixel t-shirt
  • USB flash drive
  • Certificate of completion
Video Game
two week camp
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We pride ourselves in offering a premium technology-filled summer experience with 100% original and awesome projects taught be extensively trained counselors! At the same time, we've priced our camps to be competitive with the "leading" competition to make our programs as widely accessible as possible.
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Offered throughout the summer
Camp runs from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(extended care available to 5:30 p.m.)
All camps begin and end the day at our Brooklyn Headquarters.

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