Let's Play Video Producers

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Learn how to record and edit entertaining gaming videos so that you can make YouTube-ready content

Campers make the gaming videos of their dreams, learning critical video production skills along the way. After creating a script, they will use professional video streaming software to capture their gameplay footage, and then edit it to create fun, action-packed "Let's Play" videos! Campers will go home at the end of the week with YouTube-ready content and some brand new production skills!

AGES:   7 to 9
LENGTH:   1 week
CATEGORY:   Video Production
SCREEN TIME:   Mostly on-screen
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The technology experience:

  • Live video recording with OBS
  • Video editing with Adobe Premier
  • Voice over recording
  • Publishing video for YouTube
  • Low ratio class PixelPromise™

plus take home...

  • Ready-to-upload video
  • CAMP/pixel t-shirt
  • USB flash drive
  • Certificate of completion
Let's Play
Video Producers
one week camp
-   $75
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We pride ourselves in offering a premium technology-filled summer experience with 100% original and awesome projects taught be extensively trained counselors! At the same time, we've priced our camps to be competitive with the "leading" competition to make our programs as widely accessible as possible.
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Offered throughout the summer
Camp runs from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(extended care available to 5:30 p.m.)
All camps begin and end the day at our Brooklyn Headquarters.

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