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eSports Academy & Video Producers

Create broadcasts for competitive video games while training like the pros

Campers that join our eSports Academy will dive into the rapidly growing world of professional, competitive video gaming! They will learn how to produce their own eSports competitions by capturing live video of other campers gaming, recording live commentary, and overlaying visual effects in real time! This camp will also explore what it takes to be a professional eSports player by comparing a variety of gaming equipment - both cheap and elite! Campers will find out what mouse DPI is and why it matters, what type of Cherry MX keyboard keys they like best, and test and compare some of their own personal stats with the pros!

AGES:   9 to 11
LENGTH:   2 week
CATEGORY:   Video Production
SCREEN TIME:   Mostly on-screen
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The technology experience*:

  • Recording live video in OBS
  • Video editing in Adobe Premier
  • Video effects with After Effects
  • Professional eSport skills
  • Low ratio class PixelPromise™

plus take home...

  • Cherry MX keyboard sampler
    (included in cost)
  • CAMP/pixel t-shirt
  • USB flash drive
  • Certificate of completion
eSports &
Video Production
two week camp
-   $75
regular price
early bird discount
if you buy today
We pride ourselves in offering a premium technology-filled summer experience with 100% original and awesome projects taught be extensively trained counselors! At the same time, we've priced our camps to be competitive with the "leading" competition to make our programs as widely accessible as possible.
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Offered throughout the summer
Camp runs from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(extended care available to 5:30 p.m.)
All camps begin and end the day at our Brooklyn Headquarters.

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